Echo in Africa – Vision

BSE President, Dr Guy Lloyd explains the vision behind Echo in Guy smAfrica.

” I posed the question how could the BSE play its part in the war against preventable neglected diseases?Rheumatic heart disease, just such as disease is best detected by echocardiography, and therefore there was a very real opportunity for members to make a contribution.”

“Informal discussion with friends and colleagues around the world led to an invitation was received from the University of Stellenbosch to collaborate on a joint venture that has become Echo in Africa.”

” The two organisations with Dr Philip Herbst leading in South Africa decided this was the ideal place to focus the initial efforts because although there is a very high level of social deprivation, with high levels of rheumatic heart disease, there is also a premier hospital infrastructure which will ensure that any children found to have the disease will receive excellent onward care.”

“From an initial modest proposal, the initiative has grown to an eight week rolling program of screening at the University of Stellenbosch. The focus of this first camp was to screen up to two thousand secondary school students for signs of Rheumatic Heart Disease, which we have now surpassed”

“In order to accommodate the volume of screening and to perform the test to a professional standard, it will be necessary to build a permanent facility.  Building  the permanent facility means that Echo in Africa will be an ongoing BSE initiative, providing an exciting opportunity for BSE members to take part in a humanitarian mission whilst expanding their knowledge.”

” I have been amazed at how members of the society have supported this initiative, the number prepared to give up time and raise considerable sums of money to travel to South Africa is truly humbling and a testament to the goodness of people working in this area”

Guy Lloyd

Immediate Past President British Society of Echocardiogrpahy