2016 Dates & Information

Four schools will be taking part in the 2016 project.

  • Florida High School, Ravensmead
  • Ravensmead High School, Ravensmead
  • Esangweni Secondary School, Khayelitsha
  • COSAT Technical School, Khayelitsha

We will work on rotation, alternating the weeks between the schools.  The logistics are such that no child will be out of school for longer than 3 hrs. at a time. In 2016 we also aim to set up scanning sessions within some of the schools, and send some volunteers out with the district nurse into the Townships surrounding cape town.

Week 1:           9th May – 13th May

Week 2:           25th July – 29th July

Week 3:           1st August – 5th August

Week 4:           17th October – 21st October

Week 5:           24th October – 28th October

The schedule for each week will differ slightly but in summary the first group of students will be collected from school just after 08:00 and the last group will be returned to school no later than 14:30 each day.

Groups of up to 24 students will be collected from the schools at a time. They will be transported to Tygerberg Hospital in 2 shuttle buses each with an accompanying adult from the school.

Once at Tygerberg half the students will be taken for a screen & scan session while the other half will be taken for an educational activity – talk & tour. Their supervising adult will accompany each group and the changeover will be coordinated so that no time is lost at the screen and scan stations.

Screen & scan sessions will start no later than 09:00 and the last session will end at by 14:00 giving a minimum of 50 minutes per session.

Each screen & scan session will include

  • a brief auscultation to be done by a doctor
  • a screening study with the handheld device
  • a minimum standard echo